Activities & Options

The Pacific West Coast is a sailor's paradise. As you are learning the ropes, we will be exploring in and around literally hundreds of islands with quiet sheltered coves and lively marine villages. Every day there are opportunities for activities like beachcombing, fishing and sightseeing.

The wildlife was amazing! Bald eagles,
curious seals, and a pod of orcas up close! 
                      — CLIENT

Get the most out of your 'learn to cruise' getaway! One of the benefits of a small, personal sailing school such as TulaSAILING Inc. is our flexibility. Because we take only two guests at a time, there are plenty of options for including your individual interests.

What do you want to learn?

You may want to start with our one day Introduction to Coasting Course..need to start with getting your Pleasure Craft Operators Card or want to brush up on docking and anchoring skills. Or you may have five days available and can come aboard to complete your SC Basic Cruising Standard Course. We will plan the trip together to meet all your expectations.

What do you like to do?

You set the pace. If gourmet cuisine is your passion, we make amazing dinners on board...after catching some fresh Dungeness Crab for example. If you like to get on shore for some strenuous hiking or some lazy beachcombing...we know just the place!  Photographers will love the wildlife and the scenery.

Where do you want to go?

We encourage you to familarize yourself with our spectacular cruising grounds in and around the Gulf Islands and the San Juan Islands. Depending on weather and tides, we can plot a course for any number of quiet bays, lively little ports of call and elegant resorts. Every island has its own unique personality, so let's explore.

We want you to get the most out of your adventure. Talk to us about what you'd like to do and we will try to make it happen! Find maps, helpful links and more ideas here:
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