Gourmet Cuisine

Great food. Good people. Fun times. Socializing on board Tula is often centered around eating well and experiencing fresh local ingredients...

"A week on Tula with Peter gave us
the confidence to start looking for our
own sailboat."
                      — A SAILOR & HIS WIFE

Catching our own Rockfish and Dungeness Crab.
Picking up island artisan cheese and fresh produce at the summer market in Ganges. Enjoying amazing Saltspring Island mussels. Doing a wine tasting at a local winery.

Both Peter and Michelle enjoying cooking and entertaining. Michelle is in charge of provisions and makes sure there are lots of tasty ingredients on board. If you have any dietary concerns, we are happy to accommodate.

We also have some favourite pubs and restaurants, both at our homeport Sidney and around the Gulf Islands.

And at the end of a fun day out in the fresh air, nothing tastes quite so good as a cold beer or a glass of B.C. wine while watching the sun set.

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