Sail Canada Intermediate Cruising Standard

Take your seamanship skills to the next level! This course is for those with some experience as a skipper with demonstrated cruising skills. If you are planning to do more extended cruises or bare boat charters, ensure you have the knowledge and certification you need.

This 5 day sailing course will give you plenty of opportunity to experience West Coast cruising with intensive instruction based on the SC Intermediate Cruising module. This course will be offered commencing Summer 2014.

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» SC Intermediate Cruising Standard (ICS)

The objective of this course is to be able to cruise safely in familiar waters as both skipper and crew of a sailing yacht of 8 to 12 meters in moderate wind and sea conditions by day. The standard emphasizes on-the-water skills at a level acceptable for bare boat chartering for extended cruises in coastal waters. 

The main elements of this course:
Section  I  :  Voyage Planning
Section II  :  Living Afloat and Cruising Boat Systems
Section III :  Weather
Section IV : Seamanship
Section V :  Navigation and Passage Planning
Section VI : Afloat Skills including among other things:
     - Sailing Skills
     - Mooring
     - Navigation
     - Man overboard drills
     - Knots, etc.    

PREREQUISITES: It is recommended that you have a recognized first aid certificate, a VHF radio operator’s certificate and have completed the SC Coastal Navigation Standard. To maximize the likelihood of successfully completing the ICS, a sailor should:
•  Have experience as skipper of at least ten day sails (or equivalent)
•  Have applied the knowledge and practiced the skills in the Basic Cruising Standard 
•  Be able to consistently demonstrate the skills learned in the Basic Cruising Standard.                

Once we discuss with you an appropriate tuition course and trip, we will give you links to our Private Document Locker where Tula keeps her Rate Schedule and other important documents. 

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