Restricted Operator’s Marine Radio Course (ROCM)

Observing proper marine radio procedures and procedures over the public marine radio channels is extremely important and this course provides students with the knowledge to confidently use their marine radio properly.

"Learning how to use a Marine VHF radio 
properly was a great addition to our
SC Basic Cruising Course. "
                                        — ASPIRING SKIPPER

The Restricted Operator’s Certificate Maritime ROCM will be offered on board Tula, at the dock, with radios in full operational mode. We give each student intensive, hands-on instruction and experience with our several VHF radios. On longer 'learn to cruise' voyages, we designate students to be the on-board marine radio officer on a rotational basis.

The ROCM is administered by Transport Canada under federal legislation. The Certificate (actually a card) is required by anyone on board a boat in Canadian waters who is operates a marine VHF radio. Students learn the phonetic alphabet, as well as correct radiotelephone operating procedures, and the course provides training on emergency radio procedures.

Download our Information Sheet:
» Marine Radio Course PDF

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