Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

This is a good place to start!  We offer the Pleasure Craft Operator course on board on a one-day voyage from Tsehum Harbour, Sidney B.C., or included as part of our longer 'learn to cruise' voyages.

" Knowing the Marine Rules of the Road
is important even if you are in a dinghy! "
                                   — NOVICE SAILOR

Concerned about the high number of boating accidents each year, Transport Canada regulations require all operators of pleasure craft fitted with any type of motor and used for recreational purposes to carry proof of competency on board. The PCOC is most common proof of competency.

Students must sit an exam based on the Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide. Subjects covered in this course include Marine Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation, Getting Underway, Anchoring, Docking etc. Proof of competency indicates that the boater has acquired a basic level of boating safety knowledge for safe, recreational boating.

Download our information sheet here:
» Pleasure Craft Operator Card PDF

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