Tula's Eco-Ethic

Our planet and oceans are in deep trouble. Years of overfishing, pollution and mistreatment have created dying oceans and dwindling marine life. On board, we follow environmentally-acceptable practices to ensure we do not add to the problem. We leave a clean wake behind Tula.

The Last Voyage

•  We recycle all garbage into separate containers for bottles, cans etc., recyclable papers and compostable waste – we throw nothing overboard;
•  Tula’s diesel engine was rebuilt to very high standards in January 2010 – her engine virtually does not smoke and does not drip any oil into the bilge at all, unlike most Perkins engines;
•  The engine and Dickinson stove are powered by diesel fuel which is regarded as being a much cleaner fuel than gasoline; the stove and oven use clean-burning propane;
• We take pride in the fact that Tula’s bilge is completely dry; many vessels have bilges containing fuel, oil, coolants and other fluids which can end up being pumped into the ocean;
•  We try to keep Tula as clean as possible and use environmentally-friendly cleaners, soaps etc.;
•  We try to minimize our use of fresh water and use salt-water where possible; shower heads have low-flow restrictor heads (at this point, recycling of gray water is not feasible);
•  Being keen sailors, we try and sail with the engine off and on the wind wherever possible – we enjoy the silence of the natural world;
•  We anchor responsibly away from rocks, reefs and other areas where marine life lives to minimize our disturbance of those areas; we try to use fixed moorings where we can;
•  All sewage is pumped into the forward head holding tank and is disposed of in accordance with marine regulations; all toilet paper is placed in plastic sandwich bags and put into the garbage;
•  We enjoy seafood regularly, including crabs and fish and strictly observe all fisheries catch, size, type and area regulations,  and keep the required distance from whales.

We must all do our part to protect our fragile world – even when somewhat inconvenient – and encourage all those you sail with us to participate.